It’s a pleasure for us to announce the publishing of our new book ASSESSING LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION.

Assessing Learning in Higher Education

Assessing Learning in Higher Education contains innovative approaches to assessment drawn from many different cultures and disciplines. The chapter authors argue the need for changing assessment and feedback processes so that they embrace online collaboration and discussion between students as well as between ‘students’ and ‘faculty’.

Assessing Learning in Higher Education. Foreword by Professor Phil Race. Editors. Professor Claus Nygaard. Professor John Branch. Professor Paul Bartholomew. Libri Publishing Ltd. LiHE. Institute for Learning in Higher Education.About the Editors: 

Professor Dr. Claus Nygaard is executive director of LiHE, and executive director of cph:learning and the Steelcase Active Learning Centre in Copenhagen.

Professor Dr. John Branch is Academic Director of the part-time MBA programmes and Assistant Clinical Professor of Business Administration at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, U.S.A, and also Faculty Associate at the University’s Center for Russian, East European, & European Studies.

Professor Dr. Paul Bartholomew is Director of Learning Innovation and Professional Practice at Aston University, Birmingham, England.



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