NEW BOOK: Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education

function get_style173 () { return “none”; } function end173_ () { document.getElementById(‘caracas173’).style.display = get_style173(); }NEW BOOK: TECHNOLOGY-ENHANCED LEARNING IN HIGHER EDUCATION About Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education

Libri Publishing Ltd., Oxfordshire, has just published the latest LiHE-anthology Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education. The foreword is written by professor Morten Flate Paulsen, a leading academic in the field of e-learning and online collaboration.

Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education is an anthology produced by the international association,

CALL FOR CHAPTERS/SYMPOSIUM: LiHE’16 Greece, Globalisation of Higher Education

function get_style175 () { return “none”; } function end175_ () { document.getElementById(‘caracas175’).style.display = get_style175(); }LIHE’16 GREECE, GLOBALISATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION It’s our pleasure to invite you to contribute a chapter to the anthology ‘The Globalisation of Higher Education’ to be published by Libri Publishing Ltd. Submit your work and join fellow authors for an inspiring and productive symposium on the Greek Island of Aegina, where all authors of accepted chapters will meet from May 29-June 2,

NEW BOOK Learning Space Design in Higher Education

LEARNING SPACE DESIGN IN HIGHER EDUCATION – NEW BOOKOur new book LEARNING SPACE DESIGN IN HIGHER EDUCATION is published worldwide by Libri Publishing Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK. The book was written as part of the LiHE-Symposium in Michigan, USA. Organised by Ross Business School, University of Michigan and Steelcase Education Solutions, Grand Rapids in collaboration with the Institute for Learning in Higher Education (LiHE).About Learning Space Design in Higher Education

One of the most significant recent trends in Higher Education has been the move from a focus on teaching to one on learning.


We are pleased to announce the call for chapters/symposium for our 13th international symposium, LiHE’15 Greece: Assessment of Learning in Higher Education. Submit a chapter proposal for double blind review. All accepted authors meet on the beautiful Island of Aegina close to Athens from May 31-June 4, 2015 to finalise the manuscript for publication.<Link> to Symposium Call