How to get from Eleftherios Airport Athens to Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel in Agia Marina on Aegina Island

Transportation from Athens Airport to Port of Piraeus

The fastest way from Athens Airport to the Port of Piraeus is of course by taxi. But it is expensive. Expect a flat rate of 45 EURO. Ask for the price before you go and also get the driver to confirm that you’ll get a receipt upon completion of your journey.

The second fastest way from Athens Airport to Port of Piraeus is the X96 bus. It will take you south to the coastal line and then follow the coastal line to Piraeus. The bus station is located between Exit 4 and 5 at the arrivals level. Purchase your ticket at the box office next to the bus stands. Inside the bus, you have to validate your ticket in the orange machine.

You can read more about the bus and the schedule here:

The third fastest way from Athens Airport to Port of Piraeus is the metro line. The reason is that the metro line from the Airport doesn’t go to the Port of Piraeus. You have to change at Monasteraki Station. This will give you more waiting time. And the walking distance is much longer both at the airport and in the port itself.

Read more about public transportation in Athens here:


When in the Port of Piraeus

The port is a very large complex and has a lot of ferries going to Greek islands. Your ferry to Aegina Island leaves from section E8.

At this time of the season, no ferries are going directly into Agia Marina. You will need to take either the ferry to Souvala (which is closest to Agia Marina & Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel) or to Aegina Town.

To Souvala: you have only one option when going to Souvala.

Timetable for the ferry to Souvala:


To Aegina Town: you have several options when going to Aegina Town. Traditional car ferries (Hellenic Seaways & Nova) or Flying Dolphins passengers only:

Hellenic Seaways Car Ferry timetable:

Nova Car Ferry timetable:

Hellenic Seaways Flying Dolphin (blue, white & red)) timetable:

Aegean Flying Dolphins (blue & yellow) timetable:


See the FULL overview of Ferries to Aegina here:

GENERAL ADVICE: There are many ferries going to Aegina each day. Don’t bother booking in advance. Just show up at the port and check the ticket offices, which are inside the port area. There you can ask for the next ferry to Aegina Island.


When on Aegina Island

Text us on your mobile when you board the ferry in Piraeus. We will then pick up from the port of either Aegina Town or Pireaus.




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