23rd International Symposium
Improving University Teaching and Learning through E-Learning
June 2-6, 2019
Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel, Aegina Island, Greece

Join the academic event of the year. The 23rd book-writing symposium on the beautiful Greek Island of Aegina only 1 hour by ferry boat from the port of Athens.

Submit your chapter proposal for double-blind review.

All accepted authors are published worldwide by Libri Publishing Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK.

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Submit Chapter Proposal

Submit your chapter (max. 10,000 words) for online double-blind review. Deadline: April 15, 2019.

Submit Final Chapter

If your chapter is accepted join the group of authors on the beautiful island of Aegina in Greece to finalise the book manuscript for publication from June 2-6, 2019.

Contribute a chapter to the book IMPROVING UNIVERSITY TEACHING AND LEARNING THROUGH E-LEARNING to be published by Libri Publishing Ltd.

Then join fellow authors for an inspiring and productive book-writing symposium on the beautiful Greek Island of Aegina, where all authors of accepted chapters will meet to review, edit, and complete their chapters, and collaborate to finalise the manuscript for publication.

Go to the LiHE submission server to submit your chapter. Deadline: April 15, 2019.

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For this international book-writing symposium, we call upon scholars and practitioners of e-learning to submit chapters for the book IMPROVING UNIVERSITY TEACHING AND LEARNING THROUGH E-LEARNING.

The book will be published worldwide by Libri Publishing Ltd., Oxfordshire, UK, in line with previous books of the Learning in Higher Education series. SEE OUR BOOKS ONLINE

This book is multidisciplinary!

We invite contributions from all academic disciplines. We are particularly interested in authors writing chapters that show explicitly the link between e-learning and student learning. We call for this because we believe that students will benefit from educations with an explicit view on how students learn through their activities of study.

The book is open for any view on e-learning as long as it is informed by theory and reflected in practice.

Submit your chapter which documents e-learning in higher education centering student learning. The aspiration is to publish a book which is diverse in nature and which showcases concrete examples of e-learning in higher education from around the world.

Reviewers will refer to the following questions when reviewing chapter proposals:
Q. Does the chapter show a clear example of how teaching and learning in higher education are improved through e-learning?
A. It is required that a chapter not only describes the use of e-learning but also documents the design principles and its application as a teaching method to enhance student learning in higher education.

Q. Is the chapter grounded in the contemporary theory of e-learning?
A. It is important that a chapter not only describes the use of e-learning but also situates it theoretically and reflects on various theories of e-learning.

Q. Does the chapter demonstrate how e-learning enhances student learning?
A. It is expected that a chapter moves beyond speculation, and provides evidence of the enhanced student learning which results from the use of e-learning.

Q. Is the submission clear, compelling and concise?
A. It is a must that the chapter is written with readers in mind, using a fresh and modern style, which appeals to a broad audience.

We look forward to receiving your chapter proposal & hopefully work with you on the beautiful GREEK island of AEGINA to finalise the manuscript for publication.

About the Symposium Fee

Participating author

  • covering symposium fee*
  • + accommodation**
  • + all inclusive meals***
  • + social programme****
  • + free internet access
  • + 3 copies of the anthology when published
  • + copies of two previous anthologies.

Accompanying spouse

  • covering accommodation** (sharing a double room with author)
  • + all inclusive meals***
  • + social programme****
  • + free internet access.

Accompanying children

  • covering accommodation** (sharing a double room with author)
  • + all inclusive meals***
  • + social programme****
  • + free internet access.
  • Children under 7 are free of charge when sharing a double room with author.

Non-participating co-author

  • covering publishing fee
  • + 3 copies of the anthology when published.

*All symposium materials.

**Accommodation on Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel during the symposium dates from June 3-7, 2018. Double room with 180-degree panoramic sea view (single use).

***1 × welcome dinner, 4 × buffet breakfast, 3 × full lunch, 2 × evening meals, 1 × closing banquet; accompanying drinks to all meals; fresh water, coffee, tea, soft drinks, juice and fruits ad libitum.

**** Social programme includes local cultural visits and activities for participants, spouses and children.

***** Free bus shuttle to/from Harbour of Aghia Marina and Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel. All local transport during symposium included.

Absolutely no extra fees are charged. This is an all-inclusive symposium package.

Explanation of fee-structure. LiHE operates with an all-inclusive symposium package, contrary to other conference organisers, who charge you for individual activities. We believe that the LiHE-model is fairer because you know what you get. All is inclusive, so you are not surprised with extra charges during the symposium. With the LiHE-model you know exactly what your symposium budget is *before* you go, so you can apply for funding. Compared to other conferences, we also find that the LiHE-model is less expensive.

The book is edited by Professor Dr. John Branch, University of Michigan; Professor Dr. Claus Nygaard, Institute for Learning in Higher Education.

Kavos Bay Seafront Hotel - Aegina

Libri Publishing Ltd., Brunel House, Volunteer Way, Faringdon, Oxfordshire, SN7 7YR, England. Libri is a publishing company committed to providing innovative, high quality, challenging publications for readers. It is a highly responsive publishing service for authors and client organisations. Libri was established in February 2009 by a team of colleagues who had worked together for a dozen years in professional and academic publishing, knowledge transfer, and the management and delivery of blended learning projects. Between them, Libri’s senior managers have over fifty years’ of experience in media organisations, higher education and consultancy. Their extensive expertise includes authorship, design, editing, printing and publishing, IT and e-learning pedagogy, and the design and provision of continuing professional development programmes. Libri supports its core expertise with a broad-based supply chain of long-established and highly skilled sub-contractors.

Libri Publishing Ltd. is the publisher of the following LiHE-anthologies:
Teaching Creativity – Creativity in Teaching
Postgraduate Education. Form and Function
Beyond Transmission – Innovations in University Teaching
Simulations, Games, and Role-Play in University Education
Learning in Higher Education – Contemporary Standpoints
Case-Based Learning in Higher Education
Quality Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Student Engagement. Identity, Motivation, and Community
Learning Space Design in Higher Education
Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education
Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Learning to Research – Researching to Learn
Globalisation of Higher Education
Assessing Learning in Higher Education
Teaching and Learning Entrepreneurship in Higher Education
New Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

15 April 2019: Deadline for submitting your CHAPTER for this LiHE anthology.
19 April 2019: Notification to authors of accepted chapters.
6 May 2019: Registration & payment (only authors who had their CHAPTER accepted can attend the symposium).
17 May 2019: Full manuscript circulated to participating authors for peer feedback.
2-6 June 2019: Symposium LiHE 2019 Aegina Island, Greece.
Autumn 2019: Worldwide publication of the book.

This is a residential symposium. A minimum of one author of each chapter must attend the symposium for its entire duration.